Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What is going on in Norway?

Man, those Norwegians are going nuts this summer. Sex in cars seems to be reaching epidemic proportions.

Had sex in the car—lost his license
Norwegian police put a halt to lovers’ erratic ride
Worried drivers around Bergen, Norway called the police to report a car that driving erratically.
Police quickly learned the reason for the erratic behavior when they stopped the car. The driver was having sex with his partner while he drove.
“Lust got the best of us,” was the lover's explanation.

Many people think it should be illegal to drive while talking on a cell phone because it is distracting for the driver.
A Norwegian man on the road between Loddefjord and Sotra, near Bergen, also had a hard time keeping his eyes on the road during the trip. But not because of a telephone conversation.
He and his partner were having sex.

Didn’t notice the flashing lights
Several people called the police to report a car that was swerving back and forth on the road and driving at different speeds.
When the police started to chase the car with their lights flashing, the car just kept going. The couple had reclined the seats and were too concentrated on each other to notice the police car.
Finally the police got the vehicle to stop.
“He admitted that they were trying to have sex in the car. When the police questioned him further he really didn’t want to get into it. But maybe that’s natural,” policeman Tore Solvesen of Laksevåg said to the local Norwegian paper Sydavisen.

No reconstruction
He also explains that the police don’t know exactly how the trip was executed.
“We haven’t tried to come up with a reconstruction, so we don’t know how they did it,” says Tore Solvesen.
The police have revoked the man’s license and warned other drivers not to try to combine lovemaking and driving.

Karin Thurfjell


Anonymous said...

One couple gets pulled over and it is epidemic proportions??

liberal elite said...

Oh sure, one couple is nothing. But two couples--that's an epidemic!

*Sorry, I forgot to add that link earlier.*

J.S.S said...

I envy that guy

Anonymous said...

In Norway it has been illegal for several years to be talking on the cellphone while driving a car, so no wonder they reacted more harsh on this activety. After all they had a police car chasing them for over 20 minutes, with blue light and sirens on.. That's running from the police also :P hehe. And worst of all, their try for sex wasn't successful either :P

Meatball One said...

About 5 years ago I got caught speeding in a rented Saab Aero by an automatic roadside camera driving into Oslo. I was doing 95 kph in an 80 kph zone.

4 years later I get a phone call in Miami at a friend's house. It was a Swedish cop on the line. He was tracking me down on behalf of his Norwegian colleagues. (I had rented the car in Sweden at an airport)

The cop said, "You know what this is about, don't you?"

"No idea", I said ( I sincerely had no idea, but hot diggity damn how I racked my brain in those 2 seconds it took me to answer)

"Well, you were caught speeding in Norway..."

I've got personal stories like that from Norway comin' outta my ears.

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