Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Swedish reputation in question

The line on the Swedes is that they are free-sex crazy liberals. Now they might have to contend with Norwegians for that label. Aftonbladet reports on a Norwegian couple with mysterious car trouble.

Mysterious car trouble was a loose dildo
The mechanic found it behind the seats
A mysterious sound in their van kept a couple awake for more than 24 hours. By morning, they couldn’t take it any longer, says tow-truck driver Audun Andersen to the Norwegian Agderposten. The dildo was stuffed behind the seats and vibrated against a metal plate. Obviously, the toy kept the couple awake most of the night when they were camping out in their Toyota van [It was a HiAce-Ed.] during the Norwegian Grand-Prix in Arendal.
But for the “wrong” reason. Of course they thought that there was something wrong with the van.
Audun Andersen doesn’t believe that the couple will get reimbursed from their insurance company for the emergency call.
“I didn’t have the heart to charge more than 50 Kronor.”
When he got back to the office, he wrote his report with a smile:
“Fixed noise, found dildo vibrator again:-)”

Robert Triches

You can read the original, longer version of the story here (in Norwegian).

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boredoom said...

A dildo that runs all night? I'll believe that when I see it.

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