Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Lealandsville is Andy Lealand and The C making homemade rocknroll on a laptop in their kitchen.

Call it Punk rock for the over thirties, Call it a poor mans imitation of
the Clash, call it what you want, we call it frustration.

Andy is also a member of The Partisans, and by some twist of fate ended up in Göteborg, Sweden. The same town where I spent a year in the mid 80s. And since Göteborg is a small town, we came to know some of the same people. Like The C and Magnus Neuendorf. (Magnus now plays bass for The Partisans.)

So far I've only listened to the 2 free tunes available for download--It's Silent and Call It What You Want, but I'm waiting for the other ones that I bought to come through. Both songs really warm this 30-something punk's heart. If this is going to be my easy listening, that's cool.

Oh, and the sound quality is great. They don't sound at all like they were recorded in a kitchen.

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