Saturday, August 26, 2006

Swedes return shot in sex battle

The Swedes finally got on the scoreboard this week in the battle for the reputation of the most sex-oriented of the nordic countries. The Local reported that viewers of the public station SVT's news program got some extra footage.

Last night, as responsible late night TV viewers in Sweden were watching an informative presentation of the latest political poll numbers on the country’s public service SVT station, hard core group sex could be seen playing on one of the numerous video screens over the presenter's shoulder.
Everything was going as planned on the midnight news broadcast, until the Czech hard porn film “Sex Tails,” came on the pay channel Canal Plus on the screen in the back. Those trying to catch the latest poll figures got to see group anal and oral sex.

...the night personnel had been watching the channel earlier in the night and forgot to switch stations.
Well, it's about time!

Thanks to Tad at Radio Zero for the tip.

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