Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Religious persecution in Europe

The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet carried the following story today:

Bishop forced to tear down chapel

Here is Archbishop Kyrillos Markskog and his illegally built chapel.
If things don't go well, he'll have to remove all of the icons and tear down the chapel.
"The housing comitte doesn't take into account how holy an illegal building is," says building inspector Kjell Persson.
Kyrillos Markskog helped to found the Apostolic Orthodox church in Europe 12 years ago. Now he is the Archbishop and heads the church from Malmö.
Once a month the archbishop has to lead a service.
Because he spends his summers in his summer cottage in Sjöbo Sommarby, he built a little shed on his land--St. Bartholomew's Chapel.
"But it became too crowded so I built a tool shed and opened a door between the two," says Kyrillos Markskog.
"If the chapel isn't up to code it has to be torn down," says building inspector Kjell Persson.

I promise to keep an eye on this story for you.


boredoom said...

Hmm... maybe I can convert my walk-in closet to a "chapel" and be an "archbishop."

liberal elite said...

I've got a two-car garage! I can convert into a "cathedral".

liberal elite said...
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cawshis said...

Big Picture Folks:
He started his OWN sect and spends time at his SUMMER cottage. Can't be that bad a deal if you're forced to tear down an illegal chapel on your ill-gotten summer cottage land!

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