Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ebonics back!

Language Feed is reporting the return of the Ebonics debate with some really amazing links. It's starting because another school district in California, this time in San Bernadino, is considering implementing an ebonics program. Although it's not clear from the article what exactly they are proposing to teach.

I really am too tired to fight with all the knuckleheaded racists and know-nothings out there. If your interested go to Language Feed and follow their links. There's a lot of stupid shit being said, as usual.


boredoom said...

So I'm listening to a taped lecture series by Seth Lerer on the History of the English language, and what do I learn? "Ask" was pronounced "aks" in Middle English, and double negations were standard in English at least till the time of Shakespeare.

liberal elite said...

Oh yeah, let's really get linguistically conservative and bring back 'aks' and double negatives!

emmy-loo-hoo said...

I read somewhere that "broughten" was a correct form at one time, too...

liberal elite said...

Indeed from an Early South English Legendary Life of Mary Magdelen:

Wel sone thereaftur, tho huy nede scholde,
Deiden fader and moder, ase Jesu Crist it wolde.
Bi heom men duden sone ase huy oughten to done10
And to heore longue home broughten heom ful sone.
Jesu Crist of heovene of heom habbe merci

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