Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Are fans

My dad sometimes tells a story about how when he was growing up he had this relative named Marie but that he always thought her name was Armory. That's because his family always referred to her as "our Marie" to distinguish her from all the other Maries out there. And of course, in Philadelphia, our is correctly pronounced as are, so there you have it: our Marie --> Armory.
I immediately thought of old Armory when I read this story about Donovan McNabb's knee problems in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Right at the end there is a quote from coach Andy Reid.

"They should have been disgusted," he said. "We didn't perform the way that are fans deserved our football team to perform."

I couldn't fail to disagree with coach more. Are fans do indeed deserve our football teem to perform.


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Sharon Baron said...

hahahahahahahaha..... Well, Ed...you just have to ask yourself, what about this blog screams "hair restoration"?? Does your writing appeal to the follically challenged?

Please, please plug the hair plug doc!

Philadaddy said...

City Paper's weekly gauge of Philly's Quality of Life

Geno's Steaks hangs signs demanding its customers make their orders in English. Shit, can someone translate "one Wiz wit" into English for us? Minus 6

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