Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Take that Kansas

Huntsu at Blue Jersey notes that New Jersey is only 30% crazy.

So this little piece from the Rasmussen poll that put Menendez up 44-38 over Kean Jr. piqued my interest:

Just 30% of New Jersey voters say the Bible is literally true. That’s the lowestlevel we’ve found in any state.
Thirty percent is the lowest level? Wow.

Since the population of NJ is about 8,717,925, that makes 2,615,377 (give or take) nutjobs*.

*To be fair, Rassmussen doesn't give us their methodology, so we have no idea what these people were responding to. The phrase "the Bible is literally true" is fairly ambiguous--they could be talking about the new testement only or they could have asked whether the Bible was not true and switched the numbers.

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