Monday, August 07, 2006

Swedish Punk Classics

I just got my hands on Svenska Punkklassiker (Swedish Punk Classics--originally released under the title Ny Våg [New Wave] in 1993). It's got 51 Swedish punk tunes!
Daniel Swedin didn't particularly care for it back in 2003:

Swedish punk has always been a sort of silly, light version of the original punk. I mean, who are KSMB? Radioakitva räker? Köttgrottorna? Attentat? Kriminella gitarrer? Egentligen? Yeah, bands that completely lack punk estetic and with no ability to devise a melody that you don’t have to yell. Bands that grew up on rigid prog and stillborn heavy metal instead of Heatwave, The Who and Brill building pop. Simply put, shit.
I really like KSMB and maybe it's because I lived in Göteborg, but I also like Attentat. And this CD has the Rude Kids "Raggare is a bunch of motherfuckers", the Perverts "Ronka", Lädernunnan "Ensam i natt", and Travolta Kids "Nick Carter". So it can't be that bad.


Robotpolisher said...

Years and years ago i picked up a CD called "Bloodstains Across Sweden" when I was walking around generation records in New York and said to myself "my god, this old punk is in SWEDISH!" There's some pretty great stuff on there (includeing "raggare is a bunch of mother fuckers"). And from then on out it's been kind of a little side hobby from time to time, looking up more old swedish punk on SLSK, for example.

Some of it's really great, and some of it's just awful, but I think that's at least pretty indicative of what punk was being put out ANYWHERE at that time. Seems a lot of the fairly incompetent stuff in any language never quite makes it off the seven inch onto CD.

liberal elite said...

I've got Bloodstains on vinyl. It's great, also the "Welcome to 1984" comp has some nice international (including Swedish punk).

What else do you have? I need to collect more, I've only collected stuff erratically over the years.

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