Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Netvocates come out of the shadows

Chip Griffin is the founder of Netvocates, a company that has been troubling some people in the blogosphere lately. Here's what he has to say about what his company does.

For some – but not all – clients, NetVocates works to develop advocacy programs. These programs can take many different forms – steps the client might take to communicate more proactively through its own blog, to work with bloggers to provide information on products and issues, or to address misinformation published in blogs. [emphasis added]
It's that last part that people are upset about.

He adds.

We have a few basic principles we ask all of our staff and the activists we work with to operate under. First, we ask our activists to only engage on issues they actually believe in. Second, we ask everyone not to lie about anything. Third, we ask our activists not to create multiple online personalities to engage in blogosphere conversations.
Well, I'm glad they ask. And they stick by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) code of ethics. Well, that's good news.

And here is a more thorough response.
Bloggers who see in their logs (and note we don't attempt to
disguise where we are coming from) should know that it means that people are
interested in what they have to say.

I would suspect that if all this was going on on the QT, then they would cover their tracks a bit better.


Meatball One said...
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Meatball One said...

Excellent post. You're on to something and nailing Rendon is even more prescient. Not only are there programmes coorinating the posting of propagandized comments, but some programmes are recruiting goose steppin' academics to start merc blogs.

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