Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Danish men very porductive

This report in today's Aftonbladet explains somethings about the Danes.

Nine out of ten Danish men surf for porn on the job

Expert: It makes them more productive

A Danish study shows that over 90 percent of Danish men surf for porn on their work computers.
“Men clear their heads by looking at a threesome for example,” the Danish sexologist Joan Ørting told Ekstrabladet.
The Danish computer company Ibas takes in many work computers for service and repairs. And the hard drives tell their secret stories.
“We find pornographic pictures and movies on between 90 and 95 percent of the computers that belong to men,” Ibas Vice President Henrik Andersen told Ekstrabladet.
The corresponding statistic for women is 5 percent.
That’s not very strange according to the sexologist Joan Ørting.
“It’s a matter of relaxation and reward. Men reward themselves with naked women and threesomes, while women take a cigarette break and chat a little with their coworkers,” says Joan Ørting.
She also says that men are more productive when they surf for porn.
“After a few minutes of looking at porn, they are alert again and dig into their work,” she tells Ekstrabladet.
But Flemming Dreesen of the Confederation of Danish Employers doesn’t feel as positive about it.
“The number of men who look at porn is incredibly high, and it’s not something one should do on their work time. Employers should not pay for this type of time wasting,” he tells Ekstrabladet.

Anna Lindström

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