Monday, January 16, 2006

Reframing taxes

I'm not sure if I buy everything Lakoff is selling. But he makes a point about how Republicans have framed taxes as a burden by focusing on "tax relief". So here's a way to reframe taxation as your dues to live in a decent society.

I'm sure your familiar with the slogan "Freedom isn't free." The implication is that you should be willing to give your life for the freedoms you enjoy and if you don't you need to honor those that do. This is the perfect frame for taxes.

Imagine, people are willing to give their lives for America, but balk at giving 25% of their income. What the fuck?

So here are two variations on this slogan:

Freedom isn't free--pay your taxes
Some gave all, you can give some

Feel free to use these when talking to "minimal government" types.


Eric said...

I like "some gave all, you can give some" best. But I also think there should be a variation of the slogan that responds to the flat-tax types. How about "the more you have, the more you can give", or "the deepest pockets have the biggest hearts"? (OK, those both suck, but you get the idea.)

emmy-loo-hoo said...

I like "Freedom costs a buck-oh-five" - courtesy of Team America: World Police!

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