Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The D-Bomb

Last night the wife dropped the D-bomb, “When are we going to take the kids to Disney?”

Pre-kids, I was able to lead a quiet slacker life. I could easily avoid the rat race and the consumer culture. But once those kids get here, man-o-manoschevitz. It’s like they got you where they want you.

We recently agonized over which 3-day preschool to send our son to. Do we go for the cheap, Christian one where he can play all day? Or the high-priced, Montessori one with after-school electives? Fortunately some friends were able to smack some sense into us. What the hell does a 4 year-old need electives for? I can’t believe we even considered it.

But it’s insidious. And now, Disney. Oh and they get them early too. They’ve got their own TV channel for Christ’s sake. With that stupid, grinning mouse and all the “magical” moments.

I managed to put it off for 3 years. “We want the baby to be able to enjoy it too, don’t we?” But it’s coming. As surely as death.


Sluggo said...

I sympathize. We have entered our Year of Disney. Unlike innoculations, there seems to be no constituancy whatsoever for avoiding this. There is no 'if', just a very impatient 'when.'

Eric said...

If you do decide to go Disney, come out to California. Florida's nice and closer to you (and possibly cheaper to travel to), but here you have friends. In fact, I suggest skipping Disney and just coming to San Diego. We have Lego Land, the Zoo, the Wild Animal Park, Sea World -- that should be enough for the kids, doncha think?

liberal elite said...

Ah eric, you poor misguided guy. It just doesn't work that way. Logic is gone.

Isa said...

Just, like, take him to Coney Island. Lord knows the crackheads will keep him as enterntained as Mickey Mouse and for half the price. OK 1/4 the price. OK, just give me 2 dollars.

knockwurst said...

At Tokyo Disney, there's something for everyone:


Eric said...

OK, fine -- but CA Disney still kicks FL Disney's ass any day. So I'll have the guest room ready.

Handyman said...

Don't waist your money!!
Wait until they are older like 5 and 7 when they are tall enough to go on most of the rides.
Trust Me! Why spend $2000 + on a lot of walking and carrying kids.

Try Sea World if you feel the need to travel to Florida.

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