Friday, January 27, 2006

Not just for snow anymore

This just in from Boredoom:

School boy was “mula”-ed with dog poop

Two students have been arrested after a bullying incident at a middle school in Scania on Wednesday. An elementary student in Scania was humiliated by two older boys who rubbed dog poop in his face.

The boy was “mula”-ed first with snow, but then his attackers moved on to tougher measures. Friends of the boy named two older boys who will now be interviewed by the police. The principal of the school has allowed snow-ball fights among students, but has banned “mula”-ing.

Jan 27, 2006
It seems mula is undergoing semantic broadening!


boredoom said...

"Mula-ed"? Are you saying Swedish has 95 words for rubbing snow into someone's face, and English has none? A sorry excuse of a language it is. And don't give me "snow facial" - I want a verb.

liberal elite said...

Sorry, we aint got not verbs for that. We go for the noun when it comes to harrasment: wedgie, wet-willie, noogie, titty-twister, cherry-belly, etc.

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