Thursday, January 26, 2006

The day got weirder

I was in a meeting with a client and we’re making small talk during a bio-break. The client asks, “You have a PhD in linguistics. How did you get into that?”
I was all, “Well I was an English major as an undergraduate and I was interested in literary theory so I took a semantics class thinking I’d learn about semiotics…heh.”
[awkward silence]
And then they’re like, “So, I think there’s an opportunity to hit the ground running by leveraging our key stakeholders to significantly drive market share…”


Eric said...

"Bio-break"? Is that like PC Load Letter? Is it?

I wonder how they would have dealt with my answer: "Followed a girlfriend to college, and there was nothing else in the course catalog that looked interesting."

liberal elite said...

I don't get the PC Load Letter thing. What's that about?

Bio-break has to be my least favorite euphamism. It always makes me feel like a cyborg. I was going to put it in scare quotes and then I remembered how much I hate scare quotes.

Philadaddy said...

That's a funny story. I guess those two s-words scared the crap out of them. Like, whoah, what the hell is this guy talking about?

parsnipgirl said...

Boy I must be out of it. I think I've never heard the expression bio-break, but I can guess what it means.

liberal elite said...

It really was clashing jargon in there.

Eric said...

"PC Load Letter" is from Office Space. Didn't you get the special edition (with flair!) for Xmas?

knockwurst said...

I want to laugh at the dumb corporate guys for not understanding a word you said, except that I was an English Lit. major and I don't understand a word you said.

liberal elite said...

We are both laugh-worthy.

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