Thursday, November 03, 2005

More changes

So in addition to having a new baby, two months ago I also got a new job. I’m no longer commuting into Manhattan on the terror train. Now I cruise the highways and byways of Nova Jersey.

Overall the commute is hella less stressful. But, I miss the walk. Now I’m in the car from start to finish. And you know ”the more you drive the less intelligent you become.”

The upside is that my drive takes me down route 287 (that's the 287 for you west coasters) which skirts the New Jersey Highlands. If all you know about New Jersey is the industrial parks around Newark or the Paramus strip malls, you need to check out the highlands. Right by my work is the Tourne Mountain, so on nice days I can sneak out at lunch for a real climb. And the highlands are home to NJ’s own Ramapough Mountain People—an all purpose boogey man for the white folks in Bergen county.

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