Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I shouldn't watch Jack Van Impe in the morning

Here's how my commute went today. Two County Sheriff cars parked at the the local train station. I didn't see the sheriffs. I wonder if they took an earlier train. At Secaucus Junction, where I make a switch to a NY bound train, there were State Troopers both in the station and on the platform. In Penn Station there were NY National Guardsmen, and NYPD. Not to mention the big white boxes with weird vents on top of them that look like detectors of some sort.

Somewhere in Penn Station it hit me--this is not going to end. This is how it's going to be now. Forever.

There are people who want to kill me. Well, not me specifically, although I must be pretty repulsive to them. I mean, I'm an atheist. I let my woman walk around uncovered. I eat pork.

But they want to kill me in general. For reasons that I barely understand.

What is their motivation anyway? Is it really religious? Am I an infidel that must be killed or converted? Or is it political? Am I just a citizen of a global superpower and therefore fair game?

I'm also not sure what we're doing to go after these people who want to kill me. There is general talk of security. But I hear nothing concrete. No high-profile terrorist trials. No busted plots. Maybe these things are going on in secret.

But, Jack Van Impe doesn't seem to be bothered by it. Global terrorism is a good thing for him. It means the coming of the end. And the end rocks. That's when Jesus comes back and establishes heaven on earth. Rexella seems so happy.

Update: somehow I got on the earlier train today. I boarded the same time as the cop and the bomb-sniffing dog. Honestly, the dog seemed a little inexperienced. I think it was his or her first day.


Eric said...


boredoom said...

It's not about religion, it's about politics. The issue gets clouded because religious talk stands in for political talk in the Middle East, much like it did in Europe during the Middle Ages. You didn't have "rural socialst insurgencies," you had "heresies."

In the same way, opposition to Israel and its only major ally, the United States, becomes a "jihad."

liberal elite said...

I figured it's mostly political. That the religious aspect of this is a red herring. I like the analogy to the middle ages.

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