Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Linguists in the movies

Insomniac Mania is reporting that Todd Phillips is going to direct the movie version of The Dogs of Babel. I haven't read the book, but here's a plot summary of the movie:

The film, adapted by Jamie Linden from Carolyn Parkhurst's bestselling 2003 novel, concerns a grieving linguistics professor who tries to communicate with his Rhodesian Ridgeback because the dog was the only witness to the death of the man's wife, who fell from a tree in their backyard.

According to the reviews on Amazon, part of the book involves secret underground linguists doing horrible experiments on dogs. I wish!

Todd Phillips brought us Starsky and Hutch, Old School, and Road Trip. Hope I got the right Todd Phillips.


Eric said...

Holy crap! A linguist with a Rhodesian Ridgeback? Isn't that you? OK, so you don't actually own a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and your wife is (thankfully) not dead. But still.

g said...

i read that book and it's awful.

liberal elite said...

Too bad. But I expected as much. The movie sounds worse.

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