Monday, December 29, 2008

Lately I'm just feeling bad

While I am usually ignorant of my own mistakes, I am one of those people who, for some reason, are tuned into others mistakes. I never used this power for evil, the way some people do. But, I did once naivly tell a baker at an outdoor market that he had mispelled 'foccacia' on his sign. Fortunately, he was baker and not a butcher.

There's a guy in my neighborhood who seems to have a pretty good dj business going on. He's got a shiny white van with tinted windows, his name and phone number printed on them. He goes by the name "Khaleel the Enertainer" and every time I see his van parked on the street I feel sad--not for the English language, not for the decline of standards, or the end of the world as we know it, but for him. Not only did poor Khaleel misspell the most important part of his name, but he did it so publicly, with his phone number right below. I can just imagine how many calls he gets from self-appointed grammar police and other assorted assholes judging him.


maryann said...

Maybe it's intentional. Like, he energizes you while he's entertaining you. He EnerTains you.

You wouldn't feel so sad if you were being EnerTained! Give him a call!

sharonbaron said...

I think it is intentional - Cedric the Entertainer probably issued a Cease and Desist letter when he had it spelled correctly. He did it to avoid the lawsuit.

Ed Keer said...

Both good points. I should probably call him.

maryann said...

Seriously. I think this guy might be a genius.

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