Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wednesday Comic--Brett Edition

So this is my second, single panel, non-Pigeontown comic. I feel like I have to explain. I've been busy, and single panels are easier to get done. I might have a Pigeontown for next week or not. You'll see.

Also, the content of this one seems particularly opaque--even to me. I was sitting with Nora trying to get her to sleep last night and I had an urge to draw this cowboy with a big hat pulled down over his eyes and a skinny body. I'm not sure what triggered it. But there it is. Kris added the line with the idea that he's talking to the cactus. Of course, it's not drawn like he is talking to the cactus so whatevs. Enjoy!


boredoom said...

It's too small! I can't read what he's saying.

Ed Keer said...

Drat. I may have to wait until next week to fix it. He's saying, "Whatever you say partner."

Eric Bakovic said...

The cactus? I thought it was real hot-like and he was hallucinating -- a mirage-like deal.


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