Friday, November 28, 2008

Top 5 double albums that are better than the White Album

On the way home from Thanksgiving dinner I had to listen to the interminable "White Album Listening Party" on NPR. And I had almost made it the whole year without hearing one fucking Beatles song. Fortunately I made it home before side 2 was complete. Unfortunately I had to hear Paul McCartney completely smarm up perfectly good ska and John Lennon be all pretentious and self-referential.

Anyway, it got me thinking about the top 5 double albums that kick the crap out the White Album. Here they are.

1. London Calling
2. Zen Arcade
3. Quadraphenia
4. Double Nickles on The Dime
5. Live from Budokan


Christina said...

Eh. The only one I'll give you is Live from Budokan. It's f-ing epic. I listen to it at least once a month. (I also listen to the White Album once a month.)

Eric Bakovic said...

Is your car's radio broken or something?

maryann said...

Yeah, who controls the radio? Max?

It can't be worse than having to listen to XPN every time I'm in Scott's car.

Ed Keer said...

Maryann & Eric: Let's just say Kris and I don't share the exact same taste.

parsnipgirl said...

I think it's a good thing they stopped making double albums. excessive self-indulgence is the only point of them as far as I can see.

Ed Keer said...

Parsnipgirl you are dangerously close to being banned from the comments section!

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