Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wednesday Comic

Oh shit, it's Thursday. Too bad suckers.

BTW, the new gate went in this week. No more somnambulist urinators.


Eric Bakovic said...

Shouldn't that be "Sorry Honey, It's Thursday"?

I'm going to piss your courtyard next time I'm there just to piss you off. Piss.

maryann said...

Do these cow things really happen to you?

Ed Keer said...

@maryann: Sort of. The first one did several times. I have a picture of a cow that Kris took in Iceland that has been on my desk for the last 4 jobs. At every job at least one person asked me if I own a cow.

And this one kinda did. Someone at a job several years ago gave me picture of a cow as a christmas gift, because, you know, I'm "the cow guy".

The rest I made up.

Ed Keer said...

@eric: I was going to write that, but then I thought this blog is too inside Ed to begin with.

Also, you must be asleep if'n you piss in my courtyard.

themodam said...
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