Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm feeling defensive

I feel the need to defend things. So, you know what doesn't bother me? His or her. Seriously. I think it has a nice rythm to it. Here's an example from Krugman in the NY Times.

if the market value of the house falls, the buyer can easily lose his or her entire stake.

What does everybody have against it? Oh, "It's clumsy and intrusive." So it adds 2 extra words to a sentence. BFD. That whole brevity thing is overrated. It's bad enough we're all drinking espresso in to go cups. (And by all, I mean "all of us urban elites.")

I, for one, embrace our new conjoined pronoun overlords. And I'm totally going to pad my sentences with extra morphemes.


maryann said...

You go, Ed!

sexyurdu said...
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