Monday, July 07, 2008

The Amish Loophole

Eric seems to have stumbled on the latest language outrage: Why do I have to press 1?I have an old post on similar stuff.

Fortunately neither presidential candidate goes in for this idiocy. But I am curious that they both seem to need to stress that immigrants should learn English. And McCain has this idea that immigrants must learn English should as a condition for citizenship (which is btw, the current law). That totally leaves open the Amish loophole. When only native born Americans are allowed to not speak English than only people who don't speak English will be native born Americans. Or something.


Kristin said...

Unfortunately, this isn't a great example as the Amish speak English fluently.

Ed Keer said...

...and THAT's why they call it satire. Goodnight folks!

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