Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My year as me

Today I am embarking on a bold experiment. For the next year, I am going to live my life exactly as if I were myself. I will not try to live according to the old testament, make no impact on the environment, or get by as a member of the working poor. No, instead, I will make sure that everything I do is consistent with something I, myself, would have done. Every major decision will be passed through the "What would Ed do?" filter.

Here are few things that I will strive to do:

1. Take loved ones for granted
2. Be easily distracted
3. Have multiple projects going on at once and never complete any of them
4. Lose touch with old friends
5. Procrastinate
6. Sleep whenever the opportunity presents itself
7. Be wildly unsuccessful

Now, this will not be an easy year. It will take incredible concentration and determination. However, I am confident that this project will not only make me a better Ed, even if I fail, but also spin out into a lucrative book deal.

I will posting here about my progress. Please feel free to follow my progress, and report on your own efforts to be a better Ed.


Anonymous said...

Can I apply the Ed filter to my life? It sounds like fun.

sharona said...

Here I thought that you had perfected the art of living as Ed. Now you launch into a Year of Living Edgerously. I think warning labels are required.

What Would Eddie Do? Is there a bracelet? Can I have one?

Ed Keer said...


Feel free to use the Ed filter! I don't believe in intellectual property. Partly because I don't believe in intellect.

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