Monday, August 06, 2007

Monday link

Mark Liberman has a long, but interesting read on science journalism at Language Log:

Key points:
- Read the primary sources. (It’s surprisingly easy and doesn’t need to be expensive. Use the public library to get access)
- Academics should make their work free (Mark neglects to mention The Rutgers Optimality Archive and LingBuzz)


boredoom said...

Grr ... Lieberman's implication that the AP doesn't read original research papers is just wrong. I know they do. Did he ask them, or any of the other media outlets he tars with the same brush?

Ed Keer said...

I thought that might get your goat. I'm surprised he makes these accusations without having backup info. You should write to him.

boredoom said...

I can't find any way to contact him or comment on the posts.

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