Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm glad to be leaving NJ

Pipe Cleaners, Googly Eyes Cut From Elementary School Arts Budget

PARAMUS, NJ—With students set to arrive in about three weeks, teachers at Washington Street Elementary School were scrambling Monday to deal with a new round of budget cuts that slashed funding for the pipe cleaners and googly eyes they say are the cornerstone of a humanities-based education.


Sharon, a NJ native said...

I heard that they stop all trucks bearing pipe cleaners and googly eyes at the exit to Philly and confiscate the entire shipment. Good for you to be saving you little ones from the horror of crafts.

sharon again said...

And -- we'll miss you --- snippy commentary and all.

Maryann said...

Oh my god. Pipe cleaners were the stuff of life for six-year-old me.

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