Friday, December 15, 2006

Please stop making me a consumer

I'm with Joe Paduda, I'm sick of the idea that the solution to the healthcare problem is to make us all consumers.
The claim is that if we all pay for our own healthcare, the market will take care of the rising costs. The healthcare delivery system will become effcient.
But as any economist will tell you, a free market requires information. And information requires, um, expertise.
At this point I have such a hard time buying any consumer item, that I own next to nothing. For example, I want to buy a camcorder, but I'm paralyzed. There are a million options out there and I have no idea how to compare them.
And now they want me to buy my own health insurance? And then I'm supposed to run my own retirement plan. Are they nuts? Maybe if I quit my job to run my life I can get it all done.

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Eric said...

True dat. One of the biggest scams, I think, are those special accounts you can set up for recurring and incidental medical expenses ... you're supposed to know how much you might spend out of pocket for the next tax year, then keep the receipts, then submit it all, etc. If I had time to do all that, I wouldn't have a job.h

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