Thursday, November 30, 2006

Will Lordi be unmasked?

Lordi, the monstrous rock n' roll band that won the Eurovision Song Contest for Finland this year, has a problem on their hands. They've been invited by the President of Finland to the annual Independence Day Ball to perfrom live in front of the entire nation. But, the dress code is very strict. Will they show up without their trademark costumes? Inquiring minds want to know.

Finland is on pins and needles about the upcoming Independence Ball at Slottet on Wednesday of next week. This years sensational winners of the Eurovision Song Contest, Lordi, are the headline guests of the Presidents' gala, but they won't be allowed in dressed in their monster costumes.

Mr Lordi, alias Tomi Putaansuu, hasn't revealed yet what the band is going to do. Will they expose themselves to the whole country or stay home.

"Calm down, just calm down," Putaansuu said recently.

At the presidential castle, they are strict about protocol. Guests are only allowed in if they are dressed according to the dress code on the invitation.

"Men can come dressed in a tuxedo, dark suit, or traditional outfit. The dress code is very simple and clear," says Slottet's press secretary Maria Romanschuk.

Can guests come in a mask and tux?

"I don't think masks go with tuxedos."

The unmasking is also in part due to safety concerns. The personal must be able to identify all of the guests.

The masks are such an integral part of the bands image and bearing that the idea that they would perform unmasked in the years most popular live tv event is unthinkable. Only a few "civilian" pictures of Putaansuu have benn published to date. And they have revealed that the star can thank the rubber mask for his stage presence.

Another issue is how Lordi would manage a whole night in their sweaty masks. They have complained in the past about how hot the masks can be. In previous years, the tempurature at the Independence Ball has reached sauna levels. In the very least it may cause Lordi's dance partners to hold their noses.

Stefan Lundberg
Dagens Nyheter
27 November, 2006.

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