Tuesday, August 15, 2006

JVI sees bad times ahead for Pluto

In the latest issue of the Jack Van Impe Ministries International Newsletter, Jack makes a prediction about the fate of Pluto. In case you hadn't heard, Pluto is scheduled for demotion since it's not really a planet as The Philadelphia Inquirer puts it:

At a conference in Prague later this month, the International Astronomical Union, which oversees such matters, is scheduled to consider a resolution that defines a planet.

Driven largely by controversy over the status of Pluto, which does not share several key attributes of the solar system's eight other planets, the resolution could mean Pluto's dismissal from that group.

Instead, it could be defined as simply one of thousands of small, icy objects in the decidedly less glamorous Kuiper Belt, just beyond Neptune.
Jack points to Luke 21:26 as the nail in Pluto's coffin.
Christ also spoke of startling calamities in space. After discussing signs in the sun, moon, and stars, He said: "Men's hearts [shall be] failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken" (Luke 21:26).

Oh, and by the way, the end times are upon us.

The world scene all of history has been moving toward is upon us. We are not confronted with a few facts manipulated by a self-seeking prophet in an effort to gain followers. Instead, we are witnessing an unfolding of divinely designed circumstances that encompass the entire earth and its inhabitants.

The stage is set for closing time, and all the world is the stage.

What a nice message of hope.

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