Monday, August 21, 2006

It can't happen here

Oh no, not in New Jersey. We're a full-0n blue state.

But sadly, immigration politics happen everywhere. Riverside New Jersey recently passed a law making it illegal to hire or rent to illegal immigrants. And when people protested on Saturday, they were met with hate.

After an hour of prayers and speeches, Rivera and the protesters headed up Scott Street, the Burlington County town's main drag, as hundreds on both sides of the street cursed, spit and shouted at them to leave and never come back.

Some in the crowd were intoxicated. Some waved Confederate flags, while others thrust their right arms up to resemble a Nazi salute. Dozens had signs calling for tighter border control.

"You spread germs," screamed Mary Goff, 32, a lifelong township resident. "You're ignorant, disgusting and lazy. Go somewhere else and give us back our town."
I imagine there is some reporter framing here. Who knows how many yahoos were actually there. But this issue has been boiling along for some time.
The Mayor of Bogata, NJ who has been sparring with McDonald's about Spanish signage, has put an English-only referendum on the ballot for November.

Mayor Steve Lonegan, who proposed the ballot question, said making English the official language would unify the town of about 8,250 and help people assimilate, the Record of Bergen County reported yesterday.
Like all politics, the real victims are the children, who must be protected from the evils of bilingualism.

"Ultimately, this is for our children," he [Lonegan] said. "It's about what we're going to do for our culture."

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