Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Linguifying food

Isa over at Post Punk Kitchen has an interesting post with a possible linguification.

Words have the meaning we give them, there was a point in time where "meat" simply meant "food". So when people complain about "real" burgers vs. "fake" burgers they should really take it up with a linguist, not a vegan. Maybe someday real burgers will mean soy.
It got me thinking that perhaps vegans should start a movement to reclaim the word meat. You know kind of the way queer has supposedly been reclaimed by some homosexuals. Imagine if they could get meat to simply mean “food” like in good Olde Englishe! That would be cool.
As for the burger thing, I’m pretty sure that word has gone through enough semantic drift that it doesn’t mean ‘meat burgers’ anymore.

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