Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's always New York in Philadelphia

NJN was showing Edens Lost & Found--Philadelphia last night. It was really a nice look at Philly and inspiring. Another sad reminder that I no longer live in the City of Brotherly Love.

It also reminded me that Philly is on TV again with the Fox show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphi. Which then reminded me why I hate TV depictions of Philly--no one on the left coast understands the difference between a New York and a Philly accent. The idea seems to be, well it's a big east coast city they must talk like New Yorkers. Yeah right, Danny DeVito sure sounds echt Philadelphian.

Of course this isn't limited to Philly. It's the same sort of crap they pulled on NYPD Blue with that Sipowicz character (no one will notice a Chicagoan pretending to be a New Yorker). The only time I ever heard something approaching a Philadelphia accent on TV was Homocide: Life on the street. And there it was only because they used real Baltimorians as extras. None of the main characters tried a Baltimore accent.

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parsnipgirl said...

You know that Sipowicz's accent grated on my nerves in a big way. Almost as much as the accent of the junior senator from NY.

What time is "It's always sunny in phila" on?

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