Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Big news in Karlstad

This just in from Karlstad.

Girl injured in moped accident
Karlstad A girl was seriously injured when a moped ran off the road outside of Arvika Monday night. The accident occurred around 2:30 am on route 648 near Glava.

One boy and two girls, all 15 years old, were traveling on a moped when it went off
the road and landed in a ditch. The driver, who is suspected of driving under the influence, was not injured. At first, the girls did not seem to have any injuries, but later it was discovered that one of them had a skull fracture. She is in intensive care at Arvika hospital and here condition is listed as serious.


Moped accidents with drunk teenagers seem to be a common occurence in Sweden, especially in the summer. And I hate to make light of this poor girl's situation. I hope for the best for her.

The headline just seemed a little blah. I guess it’s as good as the recent Hawthorne Press front page headline: “Truck swerves to avoid cat.”


boredoom said...
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boredoom said...

"The headline just seemed a little blah."

Are you saying it's mopedestrian?

liberal elite said...

Well it wasn't Bensin i blodet!

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