Thursday, February 09, 2006

Burned all my notebooks

Back when I was a teenager, the Talking Heads were at the beginning of their career. As one of the safer new wave bands, they got some airplay on the more progressive rock radio station in Philly. There’s a couple lines in one of their early radio hits, Life During Wartime, that have stuck with me:

Burned all my notebooks.
What good are notebooks?
They won’t help me survive.

I remember, at some point, thinking about these lines, “What is a grown man doing with notebooks?” I had notebooks for school, and when I got out I sure as hell wasn’t going to need notebooks anymore.

Now, I look around at all the notebooks piled up on my desk and I understand why he had them. I also understand why burning them seems like a great idea.

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Philadaddy said...

Yeah, we walk around all the time quoting that line too --what good are notebooks? It's catchy for some reason. We got notebooks. We just leave em around till they get yellow and it really sinks in that we are never going to look at them again. --Philadaddy and Parsnipgirl

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