Friday, November 11, 2005

New music from the old world

I've got 3 CDs that are currently kicking my ass. They're on constant shuffle on the old iPod. And they're all from countries of my ancestors, so i thought I'd share them with you.

The Ravonettes--Pretty in Black: This Danish guy/girl pair is one part Jesus and Mary Chain and a buncha parts The Everly Brothers. They even do a version of "Leader of the Pack" on this CD.

22 Pistepirkko--Drops & Kicks: My friend Martin (see below) told me about these guys 12 years ago and did I listen? No. Of course not. But now I have and I almost can't stop. Imagine the Ramones are Finnish guys who are a little more catholic (with a lower c) and without a clear command of English. Sample lyrics:
I don't want to see you watch me slow and fading
I don't want to see you wear nothing black but leather

Around and around and around we go
I was not so good at school

Martin McFaul--Maybe you and me (ep): OK Martin is my friend so I have to like him. He's been compared to Nick Drake but I think he's more like Neil Young. Not the Neil Young who sings about riding Harleys and the heroes of flight whatever, but the Neil Young of Transfomer Man and Pocahontas.

You can get the Ravonettes in your local record conglomerate, but the other two you'll have to get online in mail order. Enjoy!

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