Thursday, September 22, 2005

Found in the supermarket

My local A&P sells CDs in the dairy aisle. There, along with bread, eggs, milk and cheese you can find greatest hits from Foreigner, Johnny Cash, The Four Tops and The Jam. Wait, did I just say The Jam. Yes, indeed.

For weeks I had my eye on the lone copy of Sound Effects that was sitting in the rack. Not surprisingly, nobody bought it. I wrestled with myself about buying it. Could I bring myself to buy this CD from my supermarket?

In the end I did. Now I'm driving around northern NJ listening to it, and pretending I'm really in London and it's 1980.

I'm so scared dear, my hate comes in frozen packs
Bought in the Supermarket...Suuupermaaaarket.

Those 70's punks seemed to have a thing for supermarkets. And for London traffic. What was that all about?

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Philadaddy said...

I saw Joe Strummer in CostCo the other night. He was loving it, waltzing down the aisles, throwing stuff in his cart, even humming an old tune. They guy was in heaven.

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