Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Convenience is killing my summer

Here it is almost August and I can count on one finger the number of decent BBQ hamburgers I've had. And that one I had to cook myself. Everytime I go to someone's place for a BBQ, they give me one of these premade, frozen hamburgers. Right from the freezer to the grill. And to make it worse, they cook them till there's not a droplet of juiciness left in them.

Here are some guidelines for making a decent hamburger:
1. Get some ground chuck (80% lean or less, the burger needs some fat)
2. Add some stuff if you want
3. Make a patty
4. Grill over a MEDIUM heat. Don't throw the things on while the coals are still flaming from the lighter fluid
5. Don't press the burger!
6. Take it off the heat before the insides dry up

It's not hard people.

P.S. My wife accused me of being like a grammar nazi except with burgers when I told her about this. Sad but true.


Eric said...

mmmm, burger ....

boredoom said...

All I can say is: Thank God you're not coming over Saturday! ;)

emmy-loo-hoo said...

I concur heartily with most of your instructions, except the part about the fat. I find the best spice to use is Mrs. Dash's Italian Medley...

I've been told I cook good food. I like to think I get it from your side. ;)

Oh, and hi, too. :)
-Your Less Accomplished Niece

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