Thursday, May 26, 2005

Once more with the C-word

Honest, I can stop anytime I want. But this one is funny. Well, it made Eric laugh.
I have a vivid memory from my childhood. I must have been 11 or 12. The entire Keer family (there are 7 of us siblings) was watching Saturday Night Live. I'm a geezer, and this was in the old days (maybe 1977) with the original cast. One of the things they did back then was to focus on an audience member and put up a funny subtitle on the screen. Like I said, I'm a geezer, and this was during the original run of Alex Haley's Roots. So some poor women got singled out, and this is what they put on the screen:

Spells Kunta Kinte with a c.

My whole family cracked up. except for me. I was like, "What's so funny?" My sister said I'd understand when I got older. Eventually I got it.

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