Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Obliagatory usage rant

If you have a blog about language, you pretty much have to have a rant about some usage matter. Ok here's mine.

I hate it when I'm sitting in a restaurant, near the end of my meal, and the waiter/waitress comes over and asks "Are you finished or are you still working on it?"

It's bad enough that most restaurant food is manufactured in a factory somewhere and simply reheated and slopped on my plate. But do you have to fucking come over and remind me of that?

It's bad enought that I feel like a fucking pig after gorging on bread and appetizers and your way to large portions, but do you have to come over and remind me what a chore eating at your restaurant has become?

I'm still fucking working on it!


Eric said...

Even worse is when they use that fake "we" -- "Are we finished or still working on it?" I always feel like answering "I don't know about you, but yeah, I'm still (fucking) working on it ..."

They always manage to come by to ask me this (or "How is everything?") when my mouth is full and I can't respond except by nodding like an idiot. They must do it on purpose, for the entertainment value or something ... like that urban legend I once heard where flight attendants ask "Penis?" when they're offering you peanuts.

cawshis said...

It's a tried and true tactic of the more saavy waiters to only ask "How are we doing?" when the guest's mouth is full of food. They can't exactly ask for more water or some more bread if they're mouth is full, right?

cawshis said...

Oh god! I used the wrong "their" and I can't go back and change it!

::swallows poison::

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