Monday, May 16, 2005

More c-word

Boredoom lent me a very cool book, Famous men who've been in Sunne by the contemporary Swedish author Göran Tunström. I'm in the middle of reading it now, and if I didn't fall asleep on the train so much I'd be done already. The story centers around a main character who has spent his entire life in Sunne, a small Swedish town in Värmland. He's a bit of an oddball. His hobby is collecting autographs. One of the secondary characters is a man named Ed who is American (from New Jersey) and spent some time as a boy in Sunne. The two become friends but then part ways. Ed returns later, after going to the moon.

I thought this passage was particularly interesting (translation mine):

I was very proud to know an American. And I wanted to keep him for myself, exhibit him to others. Of course it didn't happen. Down by the lake--the real lake, he built a raft, a real raft, I brought logs and planks, brought hammers and nails, he put on the rudder and mast, placed a homemade flag on the stern. I was an easy seaman and language tutor:
--A bobber, a fishing rod, bait
--Bass, perch, pike.
Ed learned quickly:
--Girl, breast, cunt.
It was harder for me, I only remember those three words, because I got hot when I said them:
--Görrl, brest, kannt.


boredoom said...

Haha! I didn't remember it had an Ed from New Jersey.

liberal elite said...

Technically I'm not 'from' New Jersey, as someone recently pointed out. I just live there now. I'm really from Pennsylvania.

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